Contract development

We develop a turnkey solution to your specific vision problem, using our platform of reusable components. Many basic vision problems frequently reoccur in different applications, and our platform most likely already contains a partial solution to your problem. Full source code with permissive license terms is provided for customers that want the advantages of our platform while keeping full flexibility for the future.

Advisory services

We keep ourselves updated regarding research results, product news and trends within the image analysis field by visiting scientific conferences and trade fairs, and by trying out new products and components ourselves. We offer technical advisory services and give recommendations about hardware choices, evaluate third-party products, conduct feasibility studies and investigations, and develop prototypes and proof-of-concept systems.


We reinforce your development team with senior vision software experts or junior developers experienced in vision software. We offer full- or part-time for short- or long-term projects, at your site or working remotely from our office.